StoryTellers Wanted

A few months ago we started a marketing communications arm at Writers’ Dojo. We named it Dojo Creative. It inhabits the basement “garden apartment” of Writers’ Dojo and was born to fund and support the vast array of our literary projects, along with the artists, we admire.

In coming weeks we will bring Dojo Creative to life online. We have a core team in place, an extraordinary pool of talent, covering all aspects of a leading agency—broadcast, print, Web, outdoor, tradeshow, PR, project management, and on it goes.

Among our projects and clients, we are primarily focused on businesses with marketing departments and ad budgets, where we can help build brands through stellar storytelling. In addition, our team has particular interest in helping individuals and organizations in the artistic community, for marketing, promotions, site development, social media, PR, and general problem solving when it comes to communications strategies.

We’ll share more about Dojo Creative soon, as we continue to grow online, fund literary projects, and look for contractors and freelancers to fill the needs of our growing client list.


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