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Basically, transcription includes listening to a recording of something and typing the contents up into a document, which is then returned to the client, providing a composed record of exactly what’s on the recording. Generally, this will be an interview– which might be something a journalist has carried out with someone they’re writing about, or part of a research study, where a researcher has talked to subjects and needs to record their actions. It can take ages to type out a recording like this– much longer than you believe it will, especially if you don’t type extremely quick!

When I learnt how to audio-type, it was all finished with tapes and a unique pedal you pushed to play and rewind the recording. Nowadays, although you can still get the pedals, it can all be maded with MP3s, some unique software application (I utilize some supplied complimentary by NCH) and the function secrets on the keyboard fill in the pedals. You can even accelerate or slow down the playback.

The time it requires to transcribe a recording depends upon several aspects:
— the speed at which the people are talking
— the number of individuals talking
— the clarity of the recording (background noise, phone interview … )
— the clarity of the speaking voices (accents, speaking English as a 2nd language, mumbling … )

If you have got great deals of interviews to transcribe or have to have a dictation, a lecture, a radio program or a discussion became text, it deserves contacting a professional transcriber like me to do it for you.

Audio transcription is the process of representing recorded oral text into written format. The transcriptionist then listens to the audio file and types into a text editor whatever the speaker in the recording would say. As soon as the entire audio file is transcribed, the transcriptionist would then check the text records and send it to the client.

Advantages of Audio Transcription to Availability
Audio transcription provides a variety of benefits to web ease of access. Below are the groups who would benefit most from audio transcription:

Blind and Visually Impaired Persons
Usually, blind and visually impaired Internet users can access and listen to audio files submitted on sites. The majority of if not all blind and visually impaired people utilize screen readers, screen magnification systems and other similar assistive software application. Supplying a text transcript of audio files enables them to browse through areas of the material more effectively, provided that the records is well structured.

Text records likewise provide a way to take a look at the spelling of words and sentence building of the recorded content. This advantages not just blind and aesthetically impaired individuals, however, everybody who would access the records.

Persons with Hearing Impairment
Audio files, in general, are not accessible for individuals with a hearing disability. Having a text transcript of the tape-recorded material on your website will enable this group to access and comprehend the information found in the audio file.

a man transcribing audio

Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities
Many individuals with cognitive disabilities choose to read web material instead of paying attention to it. Making sure that your audio material has an equivalent text transcript assists them to gain access to the information they would otherwise neglect.

Other Groups of Web Users
Text records of audio content assistance those with a slow Web connection. Rather than downloading the entire audio content, they can merely access the text.
The very same thing can be said for mobile Web users.

Other Benefits
A text transcript works in an event where the site experiences technical trouble and users can not access the audio material. This guarantees that info is still readily available no matter such unexpected incidents.

In addition to an alternative means of providing information, audio transcription can also enhance the accessibility of content in your website. Text records can greatly enhance the searching experience of blind and visually impaired individuals, persons with hearing disability, and people with cognitive problems.

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